Thursday, October 29, 2009

QP and Template freebie!

Today you get the best of both worlds... the QP for one of my LOs with my newest kit Apple Picking, and also the template! How about that?

Also, don't forget to go to my CT blog sites to collect the Quick Pages that they made with Apple Picking!

Please remember to leave me a little note before you leave! Remember, if you want to see more freebies, I need to see those comments!!

The first two QPs are from Niki! I love how they both came so different from each other!

click on the preview to go to the blog site and get the QP

This one is from LaceE! He is getting great at making QPs! Last week he made his first one... Looking good!!

click on the preview to go to the blog site and get the QP

And last, but not least... This is Colleen's page! I love how she put the sign on the fence! Great QP!!

click on the preview to go to the blog site and get the QP

And here is my QP. I made this template for the Template Challenge at Stuff to Scrap... if you have not been there, you are missing lots of fun challenges each month!

Click HERE for the Template

Click HERE for the Quick Page

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apple Picking - Freebie Alpha for you today!

Posting late today again... We are having basement construction here at the house, and my entire household is a mess... The dust that drywalling generates is incredible. I have given up dusting for the time being! LOL!

Are you ready for the alphabet for Apple Picking? I really enjoyed making it... I hope you will like it! And don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Quick Pages. I should have two for you, and some of my CT have also made some cute QP for you!

Thank you so much for all the nice comments I have received regarding the kit! I am so glad you are enjoying it... reading the comments motivates me to post more freebies... the more comments, the more freebies! LOL!!

Click on the preview to download the alpha. Come back tomorrow for more!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apple Picking - Free elements today!

Sorry for being so late posting today! I got tied up with some unexpected visit!

Today you get the elements for the kit! Make sure you come back tomorrow and Thursday to collect the entire kit and some QPs.

Here are some pages that my CT did with it:
By Colleen:

By Osli:

And here is a preview of the kit. Click on the preview get the elements. Don't forget to leave me a little comment if you download... I read all of them!! It is the nice comments of all of you that keep me motivated to keep giving freebies on my blog!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Freebie kit for you! Apple Picking!

Today I am posting the first link for "Apple Picking", my newest kit! This kit was a lot of fun to make! I love the bright colors... It was inspired by pictures that I have from my kids picking apples last year! The bright red and green colors of the apples are everywhere... I just new I needed a special kit to go with the pictures... I had this kit made prior to my surgery, and it was supposed to be released before Owl-O-Ween... but because I had to take some time off, and I had a set date with Kat, I ended up inverting the order for the sets! I hope you like this one... Please let me know if you like the kit by leaving a comment! I read them all... and is what encourages me to give sets for free for a short period of time before putting them up in the store!

I will be posting LOs done by my CT a little bit at a time...

Here is LaceE's LO! I love the face of the little one!! He seems to be enjoying his meal!

This one if from Christi. Another cute baby LO! I just love LOs with babies... they all seem to be so lovable!!!

And here is the kit preview. Click on the preview to download the PAPERS! Don't forget to leave a comment... and to come back tomorrow for the elements!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Spooks and Smiles and Ties that Bind

I have two awesome kits to show to you today!

The first one, is Spooks and Smiles by Digi Designs by Nicole. It is a super cute Halloween kit... But the colors also work for fall LOs. The LO that I made today is not a Halloween one, but I think the kit worked very well with it! You can find the kit at the STS store.

This next kit is awesome... I almost did not have the chance to work with it, since I was out for so long, but I e-mailed Lori and asked to play with it... it turns out I was still on time... the kit is being released today! Called The Ties that Bind, this is an elegant kit, perfect to scrap those old photos... I just love the colors and the style of it! I managed to get two LOs done with it! It is now available at the STS store!

And don't forget to come by tomorrow. It is the release of my new kit Apple Picking. I will be offering it for free for a week only! You don't want to miss it! Here is the preview:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ready for your QP freebies?

Today is the last day of Owl-O-Ween freebies. If you have not seen it before, this is a great collab kit between myself and The Scrappy Kat! Papers were out on Monday, elements on Tuesday, Alphabets on Wednesday and today, we will be showering you with awesome Quick pages. I did two for you... And my CT also did some (you need to click on their previews to get to their blogs and get them). After you get mine and my CT's, you need to hop on over to The Scrappy Kat's blog... She has some for you and her CT has some as well... I hope you enjoy your QPs, and the rest of the kit! If you get any pages done with your wonderful Halloween pictures, please post them at Stuff to Scrap and link them to my designer gallery by using the keyword "srd".

Without further due, here are my CT creations:

By Osli: She made a LO for you and a cluster! I love how her cluster came out! Thanks Osli!

Colleen did two Quick Pages for you! They turned out fantastic! Thanks, Colleen... you rock!

Nicki did one QP! She managed to make a haunted house for a clever cluster! Great job Nicki! Thanks!!

And LaceE did a QP as well... This is his first attempt at doing so... I think he did an awesome job! Thanks LaceE! He only sent me the 4shared link, so his QP preview is linked directly to 4shared.

And here is a preview of my QPs for you!

And don't forget to hop on over to The Scrappy Kat's blog to get all the goodies that she and her CT have prepared for you!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you ready for the freebie Alphabet? Here is the third part of Owl-O-Ween!

Thanks again for the wonderful coments and get well messages! Today we have the alphas for Owl-O-ween! This is the collab kit that The Scrappy Kat (Katina) and I worked on! Let me say that Kat is awesome to work with! She was so understanding and helpful when all the side effects from my surgery happened, and we still managed to bring this great kit to you! Thanks Kat! You are the best!!

Now, for the alphas... they are so cute! You can get mine, by clicking on my kit preview... and don't forget to go over to The Scrappy Kat's blog (click on her preview to get there).

Tomorrow you will get some awesome QPs to get you started and inspired. I should have some for you, and hopefully my CT will have some available as well... I know Kat and her CT have some for you too... so it should be fun goina around collecting them up!

Here is my preview:

And here is Kat's:

See you tomorrow for some more fun!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Continuing with Owl-O-Ween freebies!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the kind comments I received yesterday! I appreciate your support... Specially now!!

Today you get the elements for Owl-O-Ween!! They are so cute! I am sure you will come up with loads of awesome LOs with them...

Here is a LO that one of my CTs did! And can I say, they are awesome? I e-mailed them the links yesterday... and this morning I already had material to post and share with you!! Thanks to my wonderful CT!!

Here is a LO that Nikki made...

And one done by Christy!!

Before I give you the elements, I just noticed last night, that one of my papers was saved in a small format (no idea how that happened, LOL!! ) So, this morning I was busy getting another striped paper for you. Please download this paper and put it in your Owl-O-ween papers folder. The other stripped paper is too small... you might still want it to use it for something else, though like a photo mat!!

Here is the link to the missing paper: LINK

Bellow you will find the preview for the kit. Click on it to get the Elements... then click on the next preview to get The Scrappy Kat's elements!

Get my elements here:

Go to The Scrappy Kat's blog by clicking Here:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Breaking the spell with a Freebie!

Dear readers! It's been a month since my last post! Yeah! A full month! For those of you who don't know, I had surgery to remove a tumor in my jaw line (on my parotid? gland...). Long story short, I had facial paralysis as a result of the surgery, and because of my facial paralysis, my eye lid is not closing the way it should... So I was banned from the computers for a while!!

I did get the go ahead to start easing into the computer again... and, because I had this planned and ready before my surgery, I am breaking the "dry spell" with a freebie!

This is a special freebie... it is a collab with another designer from Stuff to Scrap... The Scrappy Kat! Unfortunately, I did not get to play with it or share the kit with my CT. The doctor prohibited me from using the computer and I did not have the time to share the links! So, I do not have any LOs at this time! I will be making a couple of LOs tonight and will add them as soon as they are ready... and hopefully my CT will be able to play with it and turn some awesome LOs for you in the next couple of days, as we release the kit... but if you go to Kat's blog, she has some awesome LOs done with it! I am sure you will love this kit as much as I do!

We teamed up to bring you a nice Halloween kit to you... Owl-O-Ween...

You know the drill... once the week is over, the kit goes into the store, and will not be up for grabs anymore... so, go ahead... grab it while you can, and help me celebrate the breaking of a spell... a dry spell that is! Hoping to be able to bring you lots of other cute kits in the weeks and months to come!

Without further due, Owl-O-Ween!!
I managed to get this LO done this eavening... I hope you like it! More to come tomorrow!

Here is the preview of my kit:

Click on the preview to get the link to the papers today...

And here is The Scrappy Cat's preview. Click on her preview to be taken to her blog and get her link there... Katina is waiting for you!!