Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little Blue Bird Freebie - You get the papers today!

I am so glad everyone is enjoying Little Blue Bird! I really had so much fun designing it... It is a super versatile kit and very cute for those kid pictures! I love all the positive comments... Thank you!! If you just got here and did not get the other files (alphas and elements) just go back to my previous posts... they will be available for downloading only till Friday night, when I will be taking the links down...

Click on the preview to get the link for the papers... and if you have some time, please leave me a shout out!

A short post today... I am busy packing for my Holiday trip. After today, you probably won't see any post from me till the end of the year... Who knows? I might just find some time to keep blogging, but it is very unlikely, since I have a huge family and they all want to do something while I am visiting... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ready for freebie number 2?

If you did not get here yesterday, Little Blue Bird is my newest kit, and I am posting the links to the kit in three installments. Today you get the elements for the kit... Yesterday it was the alphas and tomorrow the papers. If you did not grab the alphas yet, make sure you do so... and please come back tomorrow for the papers... By Friday night, all the links will be taken down. Also, if you have not done so, make sure you get my Christmas Mini posted for December 10th. That is part of the Count Down for Christmas giveaways from Stuff to Scrap. If you have not been collecting these, make sure you drop by Stuff to Scrap's blog to get the links for the downloads. Everyday, there will be a new post by a different designer... 24 downloads total... It has turned out to be an awesome countdown... I am sure you will love it!

Also, I wanted to share with you the latest kit by Digi-Designs by Nicole. The kit is called Snow Fever and it is perfect for your winter pictures. Designed with fresh colors, it is a super cute kit to add to your collection! You can find the kit here.

Below you will find the kit's preview and the LO that I made with it... I do not have any fresh snow pictures for this year... but I manage to get some of my kids playing outside...

Now, without further due, what you really came here for... the elements for Little Blue Bird!
Click on the preview to get the link!
And make sure you drop by tomorrow to get the last file for this kit... the papers! They are super cute! As always, please leave me a little shout out if you grab my file! I love to read all your comments... Also, I am currently taking ideas for new kits (both colors and themes... ) If you have a color scheme or theme in mind, please leave me a note... I will be considering all suggestions!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Little Blue Bird - Freebie kit part 1

I hope you are enjoying the Count Down to Christmas at Stuff to Scrap. If you are not following our countdown, you are missing out! Look at my post for Dec. 10th. That is only one of the 24 downloads that you will find this month throughout the designer blogs from Stuff to Scrap. Make sure you go to the blog and check it out!

Now for today's kit... I am releasing a new kit this week! It is called Little Blue Bird. No, this is not a Christmas, or Winter kit... it is just a cute kit for all those cute pictures that you might have stashed away! It is specially a great kit to scrap those baby boy pictures, since the colors are blues, greens and yellows. I had lots of fun making this kit! It includes two alphas, 15 papers and 46 (the preview says 45, I know!) elements for you to enjoy!

I will be posting the kit in phases this week... today the alphas, then the elements and finally the papers... you want to come back for all three files. I will probably taking down the links on Friday night, since on Saturday I am traveling to Florida to join my family for the Holidays. So make sure you snatch all 3 files before they are gone!

I did not have time to share these files with my CT yet... so the LOs will come later. It has been a crazy last couple of months in our household... And I did not want to have the CT rush to get some LOs made... So we will be doing this one backwards!

Without further due, here are the previews for the kit. You may click on any of the previews, or HERE to get the link for the two alphas. Make sure you come back tomorrow for more... and as always, please remember to leave me a comment, if you grab it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Countdown to Christmas Freebie! LINK FIXED!!

I hope you are having fun collecting all the goodies this month! STS is having a countdown to Christmas... It is my day today to give you a little Christmas gift! How about a mini?

I really enjoyed working with these colors... I hope you like the end result!

If you did not come here via the STS blog, make sure you check the STS blog on a daily basis this month. Every day, from Dec 1st through the 25th, you will be able to collect a goodie in one of our fellow designer blogs... it has been a blast!

Without further due, here is the preview... click on the preview to get the link. And please remember to leave a little comment for me... that is your way of telling me "Merry Christmas!"... Mine, is through this mini... Enjoy, and... Merry Christmas!

THE LINK HAS BEEN FIXED... Sorry for that!! Enjoy... and Merry Christmas!!

Make sure you come back to check my blog... I have a new kit being released next week... that means free goodies for you for a very limited time!! Don't miss out on the fun!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Two kits being released today by my fellow designers!

Today I have two new kits to show you from my fellow designers at Stuff to Scrap. The first one, is called A Passion for Paisly from Scraps N' Pieces. It is so cute! I love the colors... they are so refreshing... a great contrast with all the holiday colors that we have been posting lately!

I really loved to work with this kit! Here are the LOs that I did with it together with the preview. Make sure you visit Scraps N' Pieces' blog... they have a little something waiting for you! Click on the preview to be taken to their store... If you like the kit, make sure you go by the store this week, as it is on sale for the first week for only $2.50.

The next kit is by Digi-designs by Nicole. It is a cute Christmas kit called Country Christmas... This is a super cute Christmas kit... I really enjoyed scrapping my daughter's pictures from her visit with santa this year... Bellow you will find the preview and the LO that I made with it! Click on the preview to be taken to Nicole's store!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 3 Victorian Elegance Freebie!

Dear readers, I am a day late posting the third and last part to this freebie! Sorry for that... last night I got busy designing and totally forgot to post, LOL!! I was having fun, what can I say?

I know you all might be looking for the final file for this kit! Thanks for the lovely comments! I am so glad you are all liking the kit! I really had fun making it... so much fun, that I was not sure when to stop... I just wanted to keep adding to it! I can definitively see an add on mini to this kit! Maybe when the Holiday Season is over...

Bellow is the preview for the kit and the papers. Click on either preview to get the download link! Enjoy... and keep those awesome comments coming...

Thanks for stopping by!! Please keep checking back... My next kit is really cute... I am sure you will like it!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Victorian Elegance - Freebie day two!

I hope you all are liking the kit. I have not heard from many of you out there! Today you get the elements for Victorian Elegance! Tomorrow the papers, and by the end of the week the links will be taken down... so make sure to come tomorrow for the papers!

I also want to tell you about a fantastic Count Down to Christmas happening at Stuff to Scrap in December! That's right... we will be counting down to Christmas with a freebie every day!! Everyday there will be a designer offering a freebie... all you have to do, is follow the trail... It will be just like one of those advent calendars, where every day you get to open a new window for a prize! I am sure this will be lots of fun! Here is the flyer for the event! Make sure you go to STS's blog to get the location for the first link! You can get there just by clicking on the flyer... but don't forget to first scroll down and grab the elements for Victorian Elegance!

Now, for the file that you are looking for... just click on the preview to grab the file... Remember to come back tomorrow for the rest of the kit, and don't forget to leave that comment before you go!